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Content wording in Firefox/Tools/Options/Applications/Mailto

Feb 14, 2013 at 3:14 AM
Hi, i recently downloaded Gmaildefaultmaker and it seems to be working for my AOL mail. But i was wondering if the "Content" wording in Firefox Tools Options under Applications for Mailto should read C'\Program Files (x86)\gmailfaultmaker\etc instead of USE AOL MAIL?

I never saw a "setup" for Gmaildefaultmaker. Nothing happened after the download and some short version of an install. It was not listed in my Programs at Start, nor on my Desktop. So I went to c:\Programs to find it. When I click on the applications, it opens a Compose window for AOL in my browser.

Did it install correctly? It's working correctly so perhaps it's not supposed to say Use Aol Mail.

It's just that a few months ago I clicked on something that asked if I wanted my default to be AOL Mail and that set up an additional Mailto option saying Use AOL Mail. I loved it. But when Firefox did it's automatic upgrade, it disappeared. I tried contacting AOL but they were not able to help at all, although they tried very hard...